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Istanbul Part V: An Unforgettable Skyline, Flapjacks, and Sasquatches

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One more look…..

“No one monument dominates the Istanbul skyline; it owes its magnificence not just to Süleymaniye but also to Hagia Sophia, Beyazit, and Yavuz Sultan Selim, and the other great mosques in the heart of the city, together with the many little ones built by wives and children of sultans, and all the other stately old buildings that still reflect the aesthetic ideals its architects intended.  It is only when we glimpse these buildings from a gap in the street or down an alley lined with fig trees, or when we see the light from the sea playing on one of their walls, that we can claim to take pleasure in the beauty of the picturesque.”  Orhan Pamuk, Istanbul

I’ll never forget this skyline…or the pleasure I took in catching a glimpse of it through the trees or down a neighborhood street as I rounded a corner.  

I’ll also never forget the new game that our friends Carry and O introduced to us:  Flapjacks and Sasquatches.   Beers in Istanbul are pretty expensive, so rather than spending all night catching up with our friends at a bar, we spent each night in our rented apartment (with some beers that we bought at the local shopette) playing this totally weird, but totally fun and addicting game that was allegedly and undoubtedly developed by drunk college students in the Mid-West.  Thinking about this game and our lovely friends against the backdrop of the historic and enchanting city of Istanbul makes me smile.  If you try the game, I hope it makes you smile, too.





Galatta Tower

Galatta Tower

















































S caught the photography bug 🙂

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