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Aisyah Xibeixiang Restaurant by Xin Zhong He

Hand Pulled Beef Mix Noodles

I love how there are more and more qingzhen noodle restaurants showing up. This one (176 Telok Ayer Street, 9372-4321) was definitely the most different so far. On the plus side, they had a lot of different cuts of meat available, like that very tender tripe and tendon above. But the broth didn’t have the fragrant bouquet of spices that Shejianjian has, nor did it have the salty edge that Yi Zun has. Instead, it featured minced garlic, which felt a bit out of place. Fortunately though, the chili oil was solid, and that made up for it. I’m kinda curious to see what their spicy broth is like now, and hopefully next time the chuanr will finally be available.


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