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Spring Skiing in Innsbruck


Between going back to work, traveling, casual wedding planning, and enjoying life in Germany, this year is flying by and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat.  Here we are in mid-July and my un-airconditioned apartment in the Rhinegau is making me miss the crisp air and incredible views of Innsbruck, which conveniently is where I left off with my posts.  For my first taste of spring skiing (which now might be the only time year that I ski – no hat and drinks on the slopes in the sunshine? Sign me up!), S and I headed to Innsbruck and checked out the runs on Stubai Glacier and Kitzbuhel.    It was a memorable weekend with great friends, gorgeous runs, and few toasts to both.


Doing as the Locals Do in Sardinia

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For reasons unknown to me now, S and I found ourselves one day in December Googling festivals in Sardinia. As it turned out, the weekend that we’d be there in January happened to be the weekend of the St. Antonio festival, which kicks off the carnival season and involves bonfires and the passing around of wine and snacks. Food, wine, and bonfires …no need to think twice about that.


The Lazy Travelers Took the LEAP!


One of my favorite travel blogs, The Lazy Travelers, is written by two fun and adventurous women, The Wino and The Romantic, who also love a relaxing day, taking in the scenery of a new place with a nice glass red wine and some local eats.  I am thrilled to announce that they published an interview with me in their Jetsetters series, and even more thrilled (in all my super dorkiness) that they think we could be friends!  Look, Mom, I’m making friends!

If you’re looking for some inspiring travel and fashion tips, funny anecdotes, and beautiful photos, be sure to swing by The Lazy Travelers or check out my interview with them here!