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Korea Slow Trip in 3 to 4 Weeks – Itinerary

The itinerary for our self-guided Korea Slow Trip, which fatefully coincided with the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Korea, was optimized multiple times before arriving at the final version below:

Day 01: Incheon Airport – Gimpo Airport – Jeju Island
Day 02: Jeju Island – West Coast (Rental Car)
Day 03: Jeju Island – East Coast (Rental Car)
Day 04: Jeju Island – East Coast + Udo Island (Rental Car)
Day 05: Jeju Island – Gimpo Airport – Sokcho
Day 06: Sokcho – Seoraksan National Park – Sokcho
Day 07: Sokcho – Seoul
Day 08: Seoul
Day 09: Seoul – Namhansanseong – Seoul
Day 10: Seoul – Suwon – Seoul
Day 11: Seoul – Jeonju – (Rental Car) Boseong – Naganeupseong
Day 12: Seonamsa – Suncheon – Naganeupseong (Rental Car)
Day 13: Naganeupseong – Jeonju (Return Rental Car)
Day 14: Jeonju
Day 15: Jeonju – Shopping Day at Incheon
Day 16: Incheon – Incheon Airport

In case you’re already wondering why we missed Gyeongju and the southeast, we had to entirely skip Gyeongsangbuk-do due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact we were scheduled to arrive in Gyeongbuk the day my home country (Canada) issued a travel advisory against Daegu and the surrounding areas, and we had to quickly change our plans, mid-trip, to spend more time in Seoul before hitting Jeollanam-do and the southwest instead, ending with the 16-day itinerary above.

Our postponed visit to the southeast, to be completed at a latter date, is tentatively planned as follows:

Day 17: Arrive at Gimhae
Day 18: Gimhae – Busan
Day 19: Busan
Day 20: Busan – Gyeongju
Day 21: Gyeongju
Day 22: Gyeongju – Daegu – (Rental Car) Haeinsa – Pohang
Day 23: Pohang – Yangdong – Hahoe
Day 24: Hahoe
Day 25: Hahoe – Andong
Day 26: Andong – Daegu (Return Rental Car) – Seoul
Day 27: Seoul
Day 28: Seoul – Incheon Airport


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