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Always Eat the Spider

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So my friend, Katy, is having an amazing year.  We grew up playing sports together in Catonsville, Maryland and then attended the same high school where we played basketball and lacrosse, ducked Mr. Evans as he tried to stick a pencil through our earrings (if it fit, the hoops were too big and you got detention), and cheered on Sr. Margaret Andrew as she drained threes in a basketball game against our rival high school’s faculty….in a full dominican habit.   It was a pretty good time.  We shared a lot of experiences growing up and I think it’s pretty cool that we’re sharing a similar experience now, although Katy’s getting a tan and learning to surf and I’m nearly translucent and learning to speak German.   At the moment, Katy is also on sabbatical.  She is taking six months off from her amazing job to travel the globe and is writing about it on her blog “Eat the Spider” — without a doubt the coolest title around, with an even better story behind it.   You can read Katy’s blog here.

I asked Katy if she’d be interested in writing a guest post for Leap and she agreed and it’s pretty awesome.  Here it is:


I first got the urge to travel when I was a junior in high school.  I attended the same all girls catholic school as Colleen did- Mt. de Sales- in Catonsville, Maryland.  During my junior year they offered a  trip to Spain that would cover a week in Madrid followed by a week in Barcelona.  Despite knowing pretty much nothing about Spain or Spanish culture this seemed like a great idea to me.  I wasn’t even particularly interested in Spanish class.  I had spent most of my two previous years in Dr. Arellano’s Spanish class trying to convince him to give us a study hall with my friend Steph.  Still I had looked up the cities and they seemed so beautiful and different that I really wanted to go.  I went home and laid out the trip to my parents and asked them if I could go.  “I’m not sure… it looks pretty expensive… we’ll have to wait and see..,”  came the reply.  Over the next couple of weeks I lightly broached the subject over and over and always got the same reply.  Christmas time rolled around and the subject had not recently been discussed as we began opening presents.  My mom came over to me beaming on Christmas morning and handed me a book sized package.  Confused (because surely she would not have this look of great anticipation over giving me a book) I opened the package prepared to feign excitement at said book.  I opened the wrapping to find my first Fromer’s guidebook on Spain.  I plastered a smile on.  I didn’t want to read about Spain.  I wanted to go to Spain.  “Thanks…?” I said-being the ungrateful 16 year old that I was.  My mom being, well, my mom, noticed my lack of excitement.  “Don’t you still want to go to Spain?” she said.  “What…?”  I was still confused.  My mom cottoned on.  “You’re going to Spain you idiot!!  Did you think we just got you the book?!  That would be cruel!”  I was so excited I jumped up, hugged my mom and dad and started running laps around the house interspersed with brief periods of flamenco dancing.