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Daytripping: Frankfurt


We exited the train to a rowdy crowd dressed in red and black. “I wonder if there’s a labor strike?” We followed the crowd down a paved road through a heavily wooded area, passing racks of Frankfurt scarves and jerseys, and stands selling large frothy pilsners.  “Frankfurt seems a lot cooler than what people say…. and woodsy….”  After about a quarter mile, we reached the soccer stadium for the big game of Frankfurt v. Mainz. The only problem was we weren’t looking for it. Turns out that Frankfurt am Main Station and Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof are very different places…. Lesson learned.  So we grabbed some beers at one of the stands…when in Rome…and walked back to the “Station” to travel two more stops to our intended destination, downtown Frankfurt. When we stepped out into the grand structure of the Hauptbahnhof, the huge tunnel shape typical of large European train stations, we felt pretty silly for ever thinking that our previous exit into the woods could have been correct. People say I have a knack for direction (no one says that), but I guess this was one of those serendipitous detours that are the special gifts of travel (probably one of many unintentional “detours” that I’ll take while traveling – S is still getting over the time I had us circle Philly (twice) before figuring out how to get in…it’s a very exclusive city and only those with the code may enter).