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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?: Impressions After One Week of German Class


My friend’s German colleague said to her, “Speaking German is easy.  Even babies do it.”   Well, okay, true, but screaming, “JUICE!”, in the middle of a restaurant only gets you so far after age five…so I decided to sign up for a language class.


“Do you speak German?”


That was the test I had to take to be able to sign up for beginners’ Deutsch at the Mainz Volkshochschule.  If that was the test that my classmates had to take, then 90% of them are liars.  On the first day, our teacher began the class by speaking only German.  I was shocked when several people responded to her! In German! Those liars are not beginners.  Despite my initial feelings of betrayal, I am happy to report that my classmates are incredibly friendly and eager to learn, I can now, after a little over a week of classes, sprechen ein bisschen Deutsch…and my accent is atrocious.