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Favorite Photos of 2014: Food


What travel/food blog posted on December 31st would be complete without a round-up of the author’s favorite foods from the year?  Not this one!  So here they are, my top food photos from my travels this year.  Conspicuously absent are all of the spießbraten, bratwurst, schnitzel, and kartoffelpuffers that I ate at the Christmas markets this year because none of them lasted long enough to be captured…maybe next year.


Foods of Crete


One of my favorite scenes from My Big Fat Greek Wedding is when the aunt exclaims in horror, “HE DON’T EAT NO MEAT?!! …. It’s ok. I’ll make lamb.”  Cracks me up.  Every time.  It only seemed fitting to me that on my first trip to Greece, I eat a lot of lamb.  Prior to the trip, however, I expected to eat a lot of fresh seafood.  I pictured salty, old locals stringing octopi on the ropes of a dock and us eating it grilled and fried and covered in olive oil until we needed to bribe a local child to roll us back to our hotel.  Alas, this was not to be.  Much of the seafood served on the island is of the frozen variety and so I discovered that I’ll have to save my dream of eating the day’s catch for another rock in the Aegean.  In my grief, however, I was comforted by a variety of delicious treats. Here are a few:

The local delicacy of Dakos: a crusty bread (rusk), topped with olive oil, tomatoes, cheese, and olives and capers.  S and I ate this as an appetizer to pretty much every meal on our trip.