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Living Amongst the Germans, Part Eins



My sister sent me this video of Chris D’Elia’s standup routine, “Scary Germans & British Heist Movies.”  The scene where the Germans are at his birthday party and he’s afraid to eat their cake made me cry laughing. But in fairness to most Germans, they are an incredibly friendly and fun loving people, although usually quite reserved. My German teacher once remarked that when one gets on the bus, all the Germans are quietly looking out the window or reading a book and generally keeping to themselves and being German, but during festivals, everyone is hugging and waving hello…they’re acting like Americans.” It’s true that Germans are generally very reserved, which can make Americans perceive them as cold and creepy. It’s also true that many Americans stereotype Germans based on old WWII movies. Hello! We’re not all cowboys and Germans aren’t all evil spies or dictators. After living in Germany for only three months amongst “the Germans” and observing them in their natural habitat, I already feel compelled to stand up and say, “Germans are humans, too. And they’re nice.” But…first I have to tell this story that I think is hilarious about a German being not so warm….