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We Didn’t Go to the UK, but we made Paleo Shepherd’s Pie Anyway

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Earlier this year, I blogged that I’d try out a paleo-ish recipe of S’s and my favorite dish from each of our travels.  This month, we’re heading to Normandy for four days, which is kind of near the UK, the origin of the dish that S has been craving, Shepherd’s Pie, so it kind of makes sense that we made it and that I’m blogging about it now….  Reasoning aside, we both loved this dish, and so I’m excited to share it with you here. 


Paleo Rahmschnitzel!



Maybe Germany’s most famous contribution to gastronomy, besides the beverages produced by Augustiner and Hofbrau, which could each easily be a meal in themselves, is schnitzel (or arguably bratwurst because most people think Weiner schnitzel when they think schnitzel and that’s from Austria). Regardless of what most people think when they think German cuisine, the point is that i made paleo schnitzel tonight and would like to share my recipe with you.  (Clearly I’m missing practicing law because I’m countering my own points.)  Since moving to Germany, I’ve learned that there are many types of schnitzels (and even more types of brats).  My favorite type of schnitzel is rahmschnitzle, so I made that (with a twist).  I hope you like it!!