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Rosenmontag in Mainz


Life is like a carnival ride. You can play it safe and ride the merry-go-round, it’s predictable. But, myself personally, I will ride the rollercoaster, for all it’s glory and thrills, It’s ups and downs, twists and turns, and rushes. Isn’t life a rush ?

– Lynette Mack, Moonshadow

Dancing, Singing, and Fasching in Mainz



Last Friday, only five out of eighteen students showed up to my German class.  Didn’t I feel like a nerd!  Everyone else, assumedly, partied too hard the night before or had already started enjoying Carnival festivities that day.   I don’t blame them.  Learning a new language is half about learning grammar and half (even more importantly) about learning hand gestures, accents, customs, and drinking songs.  With everyone’s minds on costumes, parades, beers, and brats, our teacher turned the class into a walking tour of Mainz, complete with a history lesson on the city and its famous festival: Fastnacht.