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Love and Taco Bell or Why Do We Travel?

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Why do we travel? New scenery, new people, new food, new passport stamp?  To get away from our ordinary? To discover the different?  Why do we like different? Do we like different? Is it even about liking? Or is it about learning? What are we learning about? Others? Ourselves? Both?  Who knew a vacation could be so complicated?

From my travels, I’ve learned that sometimes we travel to discover and appreciate what is really important to us by shedding our familiar surroundings like a winter coat that’s preventing us from feeling the sunshine on our skin.  And the discovery of that warmth is what keeps us venturing out to new places and returning to old favorites.   Discovering the world around us – taking in breathtaking natural wonders, eating adventurous foods, and witnessing cultural rituals – is really the bonus.  And it’s a great bonus.